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  • Keira Rawden
    Keira Rawden Head of Commercial Property

    Department: Residential Property, Commercial Property, Commercial Contracts

  • Tim Fieldhouse Head of Industrial Disease

    Department: Industrial Disease

  • Paul McMullan Deputy Head of RTA Department

    Department: Road Traffic Accidents, Product Liability and Flight Delay.

  • Jessica Thompson Head of Stress at Work

    Department: Stress at Work & Litigation

  • Emma Bell Head of EL/PL Department

    Department: EL/PL

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  • Michael Lewin were really understanding and listened. Despite me having no injury, I did have a brand new car that I thought might have been effected. I wanted to be listened to and Michael Lewin Solicitors were reassuring and confident that they could help me.   If you have invested a lot of money on a new car through no fault of your own you’ve had an accident but not injured yourself, if your car has been repaired it will not have the same value it had prior to the accident. You have a right to claim that money back. Approach someone who will take you seriously. I was curious and followed this up, and was really happy to know that it could be done.

    Mr Bangi
  • Melanie Taylor was great. She informed me of everything and was very, very helpful. She is a credit to your company.

    Mr K. Fortis-Carter
  • I attended a JSM yesterday in Leeds at which Roisin Paterson was present. I had taken out a personal injury claim against my employer, the Home Office, for which Roisin was my legal representative accompanied by the lawyer she instructed. My own observation is that Roisin has provided me with invaluable legal expertise and advice and throughout a three year period she has not only kept me informed but also fully involved allowing me to make informed decisions and when doing so being aware of the consequences and likely outcomes. I believe her calm and sensitive  behaviour belies a steely determination and resilience to deliver the best value for her client and in my instance this was achieved. At times I can be rather combative but Roisin was able to deal with any volatile emotions without losing sight of her brief and always in a professional and considered manner. I doubt I could have coped with the obfuscation, delays and deliberate prevarication my employer used without her. She was able to provide re- assurance when necessary but more importantly helped me focus on the achievable rather than the wishful. Roisin is an absolute credit to your organisation and her profession. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending her to others. I am so grateful to her and thankful that I chose Michael Lewin as my legal representative.

    Mr J M
    Mr J M
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for the excellent work that you have done on my behalf. Your tenacity and the way in which you have kept me up to date throughout this long process is a credit to you and to your company. I hope that they appreciate the person they have working on their behalf. Once again thank you very much.

    Mr R Rose
    Mr R Rose
  • From the outset of first contacting Michael Lewin their professionalism in every aspect of the process was flawless and courteous. Customer service at the highest level. I had never experienced the event of going to court and this was made all the more easier by the utter trust in my case from the company personnel dealing with it, which in turn gave me the capability and confidence to face the ‘enemy’. I would recommend Michael Lewin to anyone in need of their excellent professionalism and customer service.


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