8 years imprisonment for a dentistry disaster

A Dutchman dubbed the ‘dentist of horror’ has been sentenced to 8 years in France for putting patients to sleep and mutilating their mouths whilst unconscious.

Jacobus van Nierop showed no remorse in Court and often responded to questions with ‘no comment’.

The Court appreciated how vulnerable his patients were, throwing themselves at his mercy in an attempt to resolve their dental issues. Jacobus van Nierop took great delight in causing his patients so much pain.

Thankfully, dentistry disasters such as this, on this scale, are very few and far between. Jacobus van Nierop was not negligent in his care, he purposefully chose to care for his patients in this abhorrent manner.

Your dentist may have all the best intentions in the world, but may still negligently and accidentally cause you pain and suffering. If they have, don’t suffer in silence.

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