Mr O from Wigan sought accident at work claims advice after a nasty accident with help from our friendly team in Manchester Michael Lewins was there to assist with their solicitor’s expertise in accidents within the workplace.

Your employer has a duty to protect you and tell you about health and safety issues that affect you. They also have a legal obligation to report certain accidents and incidents and to pay you sick pay if you are entitled to it. Your employer has to carry out a risk assessment and do what’s needed to take care of the health and safety of employees and visitors. This includes deciding how many first-aiders are needed and what kind of first-aid equipment and facilities should be provided.

Mr O who is 49 lost his thumb when it was severed on the lid of his tool box whilst at work causing Mr O considerable distress even causing sleepless nights and flashbacks to the incident.

If you can tick any or all of these statements you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation;
o I have been involved in an accident which was not my fault
o I have suffered from injuries as a result of this accident
o My accident took place at work in a public place or may be covered by owners liability
o I have suffered from financial losses as a result of my accident

Call our helpful staff today to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to claim. If you have experienced anything similar to this resulting in time away from work and would like accident at work claims advice speak to our experts at Michael Lewin.

1974 CHAPTER 37 Health and safety act was: ?An Act to make further provision for securing the health safety and welfare of persons at work for protecting others against risks to health or safety in connection with the activities of persons at work for controlling the keeping and use and preventing the unlawful acquisition possession and use of dangerous substances and for controlling certain emissions into the atmosphere; to make further provision with respect to the employment medical advisory service; to amend the law relating to building regulations and the Building (Scotland) Act 1959; and for connected purposes.?

We have a team of accident at work solicitors who have plenty of experience in work place claims and can offer you meaningful and reliable advice on what to do next.

Their Solicitors are there for you to get back what you are owed and to maximise your compensation. We can also work on a no win no fee basis. So you may even get to go on that holiday after all.

If Michael Lewin can help you with an accident you have experienced at work or for claims advice please do not hesitate to call: 0844 499 9302

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