Accident at work News: after a slip or any type of accident involving an injury at work experts at Michael Lewin are here to help you and your loved ones to get compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Mrs W from Blackpool was 66 when she suffered from a nasty fall at work. She was walking along a pathway at work one evening when she tripped on some overgrown bushes which were partly obscuring the pathway which she could not see due to the dark.

Mrs W felt that there were 2 simple solutions which could have prevented her unfortunate accident. Firstly the bushes could have been cut or secondly lighting around the pathway would have helped all staff to negotiate the pathway more easily. All employers? duty of care to their employees means they have to provide competent staff a safe working environment the correct equipment and a safe system of work.

Section 16 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 permits Approved Codes of Practice which explains different practises acceptable for different working environments. The Approved Codes of Practice can be used as an indication for the courts as to whether the actions of the employer were safe.

An employer can only escape liability if they can prove that they have exercised reasonable care.

If you have been injured and have suffered a brain injury and you need compensation Michael Lewin’s dedicated public liability solicitors will be delighted to help you with a claim.

The general health and safety act of 1974 gives the basic minimum requirements such as employers should provide a safe working environment (even surfaces proper lighting etc) and keep up to date with maintenance. Compliance with these regulations should always be regarded as the barest minimum requirement which is expected from every employer by the courts if action was ever to be taken by an employee.

If like Mrs W you have been the unfortunate victim of an accident and feel it wasn?t your fault and you think that you deserve compensation for the financial losses due to you accident then come to Michael Lewin. We are here to help. Our fully trained compassionate solicitors will be onl to happy to help you with your case.

You will always receive the full 100% of the compensation which you are awarded as our professionals charge their fees to the other side. If you have suffered an accident at work call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302 today for advice about your compensation claim.

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