Mr R from Alfreton received over £1000 in an accident at work compensation claim in Leeds. If you have been injured in an accident in work and you feel you deserve compensation our dedicated team at Michael Lewin can assist you with your claim.

Mr P from the beautiful town of Alfreton in the North of Derbyshire was 43 when he had his accident at work at the beginning of October. His accident was caused by tripping on a pallet which was obstructing the walkway.

As a result of Mr P’s injury he was awarded an amazing £1500 in compensation. His injury could have been prevented as his accident was not his fault: ?All employers? duty of care to their employees means they have to provide competent staff a safe working environment the correct equipment and a safe system of work.? This is Section 16 of the Health at work etc Act in 1974.

Slip trip and fall incidents in the workplace are one of the most common accidents people encounter in Great Britain. In the past statistics have shown that slip trip and fall accidents cost 40 workers their lives in one year 1500 major injuries inflicted on workers and over 30000 workers have taken more than 3 days off work. It is estimated that around £800 million is the cost to society each year due to slips and trips.

If you have suffered an accident at work and want to gain compensation for your claim in Leeds or anywhere else in the UK our specialists at Michael Lewin will strive to achieve the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Slips and trips can easily be avoided however an employer’s failure to comply with some common sense guidelines can lead to the possibility of injury. These common sense guidelines are things such as:
? Walkways should always be kept clear of obstructions
? Spills should be dealt with immediately
? Floors should be designed for easy access and should not be slippery
? Cleaning staff should be using specialised cleaning equipment:

These guidelines should be met to dramatically reduce the chances if a slip or trip injury in the workplace. If you feel that one or more of these guidelines have not been followed by your employer and could have been the cause of your injury then you could be awarded compensation.

Call our helpful staff at Michael Lewin to find out how much you are entitled to claim for your accident at work compensation claim in Leeds or anywhere else in the UK today on 0844 499 9302.

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