Accident at work compensation news: after any type of accident at work expert claim solicitors at Michael Lewin are here to help you and your loved ones to get compensation for the injuries you needlessly sustained.

Mr M of Staffordshire has walked away with compensation of £1000.00 after his workplace accident. The equipment which work issued to him was defective and as our client was cleaning a fryer out he was burned by the hot water he had been told to use to clean the fryer.

At Michael Lewin we see injuries caused by defective equipment frequently; employers should appreciate that the equipment they are providing to their employees to work with are the responsibility of the employer.

If defective equipment has caused an accident in the workplace and resulted in any injuries to employees all possible causes will be investigated. Service records will be checked reports of defects or problems will be examined and the frequency of inspections will be taken into account.

Employers must not only create a safe working environment but they must enforce it and ensure that it is adhered to. They are responsible for any employee who has either not been trained or is failing to follow correct safety procedures.

If you have been injured and you need compensation after an accident at work; to make a claim Michael Lewin’s dedicated public liability solicitors will be delighted to help you.

If like Mr M compensation is required after an accident Michael Lewin’s team will give you their expertise on a no win no fee basis. If you are unsure as to the validity of you claim: if you can tick any or all of these statements you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation;
o I have been involved in an accident which was not my fault: it was the fault of a third party
o I have suffered from injuries as a result of this accident
o My accident took place at work in a public place or may be covered by owners liability
o I have suffered from financial losses as a result of my accident

Call our helpful dedicated staff today at Michael Lewin to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to claim or for more advice on your specific case you can talk to our solicitors.

Michael Lewin can help after an accident at work to get compensation; or for advice about a claim call: 0844 499 9302 today to talk to our highly skilled solicitors.

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