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Mr G from London had his accident at the beginning of February; he suffered a back injury after lifting heavy wine cases at work at just 20 years old. This is classed as ?manual handling?: the moving of items by lifting lowering pushing pulling carrying or supporting any object using your own body strength. Employers have to assess the dangers of the object their employees are lifting and the employees have to be full trained as to how to lift heavy objects if this is required as part of their job. If an employer fails to follow the correct procedures they are then liable for any injuries their employer may sustain.

Manual handling at work is one of the most common causes of injury at work in the UK it causes over a third of all workplace injuries: Musculoskeletal Disorders which include problems like lower back pain joint injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Musculoskeletal disorders can be caused by many things such as: repetitive and heavy lifting bending and twisting working in an awkward/uncomfortable position using too much force working without breaks working in extreme conditions or using defective equipment.

Back injuries can be extremely serious however there are precautions to reduce the risk of getting a back injury when lifting heavy objects. Often injuries sustained from lifting require a long period of resting for a person to recover; they can months or even years to heal. Where manual handling is avoidable employers are advised to use machinery to carry out tasks involving the moving of heavy objects in the workplace such as conveyer belts trolleys and forklifts. Using equipment and avoiding manual handling where possible minimises the risk of injuries caused by moving objects in work.

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Accidents like in Mr G’s case are often caused by lack of training which; a necessary procedure is by law for an employer to give to their employees. If you like Mr G have suffered an accident due to your employer’s negligence such as manual handling or you feel they have dismissed basic health and safety guidelines which has caused you injuries and you feel you deserve compensation call Michael Lewin today and we will work with you on your case.

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