Mr. B had an accident at work and decided to make a compensation claim with our solicitors here at Michael Lewin Our Manchester team have a vast amount of experience when it comes to assisting claims regarding accidents in the work place. Let them help you too.

Your employer has got to provide you with a safe and secure working environment. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe in the workplace. The Health and Safety Act of 1974 is the primary piece of legislation that covers work related health and safety issues in the UK. It states your employer’s responsibilities for your health and safety at work. A health and safety executive should be appointment within the business to oversee and manage all health and safety matters. Any safety issues should be reported immediately to the health and safety executive.

Mr B is 21 and was not trained fully before being asked to use a grinder at work; this resulted in an injured thumb leaving our client in some distress.

Here at Michael Lewin we take all claims seriously no matter how big or small and will always look to get the maximum compensation possible for our clients who we will keep informed every step of the way.

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Under the employers liability act of 1969 most employers are required by law to insure against liability for injury or disease to their employees as a result of doing their job.

Your employer should have a valid and up to date certificate of employer’s liability insurance. On this certificate the minimum lever of cover and the companies covered by the policy should be stated clearly. Just because your employer has a certificate of employer’s liability insurance does not mean that they have the right to ignore health and safety guidelines or make employees use faulty of defective equipment; the safety of all employees should always be first and foremost. Some employees may have received a copy of the certificate electronically; sine 2008 this method of displaying the certificate has been acceptable.

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