When a 33 year old man suffered an accident at work due to deficient work equipment he pursued compensation from his employer with the assistance of Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK.

Mr P from Warrington in Cheshire was hurt during an accident at work when the rotten wooden base of a roll cage collapsed under his foot. The accident could have been easily prevented had necessary care and attention been taken to ensure that all equipment at work was in good and safe working order.

1974 CHAPTER 37 Health and safety act was: An Act to make further provision for securing the health safety and welfare of persons at work for protecting others against risks to health or safety in connection with the activities of persons at work for controlling the keeping and use and preventing the unlawful acquisition possession and use of dangerous substances and for controlling certain emissions into the atmosphere; to make further provision with respect to the employment medical advisory service; to amend the law relating to building regulations and the Building (Scotland) Act 1959; and for connected purposes.?

If defective equipment has caused an accident in the workplace and resulted in any injuries to employees all possible causes will be investigated. Service records will be checked reports of defects or problems will be examined and the frequency of inspections will be taken into account.

Employers must not only create a safe working environment but they must enforce it and ensure that it is adhered to. They are responsible for any employee who has either not been trained or is failing to follow correct safety procedures. Michael Lewin’s team of experts have an excellent knowledge of personal injury claims involving an accident at work like Mr A? and if negligence can be proved there is a genuine case to claim for compensation in the UK.

Employees can be seriously injured by way of faulty equipment which they have been given or by using defective equipment which then causes an accident. These accidents then have penalties from the employer needing to replace or re-train the member of staff who was injured to possibly paying out for rehabilitation and compensation for financial losses which the employee has suffered due to the accident.

Employers may also have to undergo an investigation and face the closure of their firm if serious negligence has resulted in a near-fatal accident on their premises. These are extreme consequences which employers rarely consider but checking equipment can prevent a great deal of heartache further down the line.

Mr P’s case was successfully resolved and he received compensation for the physical and emotional damages he suffered which were related to the accident. He received all of the compensation as Michael Lewin charged their legal costs to the third party.

If you have had an accident at work which was not your fault and you think you may be entitled to compensation call the professional team at Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK: 0844 499 9302.

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