Mr M of Liversedge in West Yorkshire came to one of our accident at work specialist lawyers at Michael Lewin to make a claim for compensation after he was injured in his workplace. He was given compensation of over £1770.00.

Mr M was only 21 when he was injured in work. He was going about his general duties when he slipped outside the large ?walk-in? freezer. Some ice had been left outside the freezer and as it had melted the water had caused the floor surface to become slippery.

He was in pain due to the way he fell at work and he suffered a few sleepless nights also as he had bruises and swelling because of the accident in work.

Employers should be aware that slip hazards on the floor should be cleared away or have signs put in place; yet we are amazed by the volume of employers who do not even have signs in their workplace.

Over a third of all major injuries reported each year are caused as a result of a slip or trip and are the single most common cause of injuries at work. These cost employers over £512 million a year in lost production and other costs. Slips and trips also account for over half of all reported injuries to members of the public.

If you have suffered from an accident at work and would like to make a claim for compensation Michael Lewin’s lawyers are here to be of service to you.

Harm is caused by either the action or sometimes the inaction of the employer. Some actions which could be considered harmful to employers could include an employer removing a safety guard for cutting equipment thus increasing the likelihood for an accident to occur. An inaction causing harm could be something as simple as an employer not replacing a mat by the entrance to the building and this causing a slip or trip. Another inaction which frequently occurs is employers not insisting that warning signs are in place when liquids are spilt on the floor.

If as an employee you feel that your employer has failed to either act or they have been negligent by an inaction which could reasonably have been predicted to cause an accident then you can take legal action to get compensation. Michael Lewin can provide detailed legal advice on the circumstances of your case. Michael Lewin’s dedicated caring solicitors fight your case to get maximum compensation for your injuries that they can get on your behalf.

Call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302 to start your accident at work claim using our professional and caring lawyers.

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