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Mrs W from the village of Weston Rhyn was 38 when she encountered her accident at work in May. She slipped on water from a leaking air con unit in her workplace.

It is the employer’s responsibility to not only create a workplace which is a safe working environment but to also enforce it and make sure that it is adhered to e.g. maintenance checks should be done and employers are advised to employ someone who makes sure the building is safe and to check equipment in the workplace regularly.

Slips trips and falls are extremely common in the workplace and can often surprisingly cause major injuries. Each year hundreds of people are injured due to slips trips and falls often caused by leakages obstructions and winter conditions (snow and ice). They accounted for 44% of workplace accidents in 2009 according to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board.

A duty of care is a much used legal term which is used to describe the employer’s responsibility. If harm is caused through an action or sometimes the inaction of the employer such as in this case not checking the air con unit and immediately dealing with the leakage then the employers holds full responsibility for the injuries to employees that they have caused.

The main causes behind slip and trip accidents are:

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