Mrs M from Liverpool was injured after an accident in a public place; she was awarded £1500.00 when Michael Lewin’s team of claim solicitors helped her to achieve justice.

Mrs M was 53 when her accident took place; she had been out for her usual shop at a supermarket near her home. Some ice had been left on the supermarket floor and the melting water had caused her to slip badly.

She felt that there should have been a sign warning her of the slip hazard. Mrs M felt fortunate to have been able to walk away relatively unscathed; however she felt that the supermarket needed to pay for the injuries they had caused her. She also hoped that if she claimed perhaps the supermarket would take more care and that a more serious accident might be avoided. Every occupier of land or buildings has a duty of care to the general public who visit them. It can be a home shop office train bus park or factory.

Public liability is when someone hurts themselves because a third party has neglected this duty. If you have suffered from an accident and would like to make a claim for compensation Michael Lewin’s solicitors are here to assist. There are advantages to making a claim for compensation. If you make a claim following an accident in a public place the place in question may then change its practices in order to prevent a similar accident occurring. You don?t just have to claim compensation for the actual injury you have sustained; if you make a claim for compensation following an injury the public liability insurance of the place in question will pay for any physiotherapy or specialist treatment you require if they are found to be liable for the accident. You can also recover any loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses you may have incurred following an accident in a public place; you don?t just get compensation for loss of earnings if your accident has been at work. For more advice about claiming compensation speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about your case.

Michael Lewin’s dedicated caring solicitors fight your case to get the maximum compensation for you that they can achieve. We pride ourselves on being compassionate and supporting hundreds of cases each year.

Call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302 to start your accident claim using our professional and caring staff.

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