Our client came to Michael Lewin’s accident compensation claim lawyers for advice about his case; our solicitors are experienced and highly skilled at getting the compensation you deserve.

Mr M from London was injured in an accident in a store. He was shopping in the supermarket when he slipped and fell.

Michael Lewin deal with slips trips and falls in public places on a daily basis. Compensation does not take away the suffering and pain that the injury has caused; but we believe that it prevents companies becoming very lax and never considering the public that they should be serving.

There are basic rules which must be followed to reduce the risk of slips either at work or in a public place. Failure to follow these rules can lead to liability for an accident and injury to another person. Basic housekeeping rules are vital; keep water and contaminants away from walkways and if they do spill they should be cleaned up immediately.

Any employees such as cleaners who are exposed to wet floors should be provided with suitable footwear. Particular care and attention should be taken during the colder months when rain ice and snow increase the risk of wet floors. If you have been injured in a store accident and would like compensation claim advice from Michael Lewin’s team; call us today.

In Mr. M’s case his accident was definitely not his fault his accident could easily have been avoided as it was caused by carelessness. Slips can easily be avoided by:
? Walkways should always be kept clear of obstructions
? Spills should be immediately dealt with and where possible this should be attempted as a liquid free clean up
? Floors should be designed to be non slippery if it is expected that they may have liquids dropped on them frequently
? Cleaning staff should be prevented from using cleaning products which can increase the slip factor of the floor surface as an example furniture polish on a smooth tile could prove to be a very bad idea

If like Mr M you have had an accident which was not your fault Michael Lewin can help to get the financial compensation to recover from your accident.

Michael Lewin can give you advice today free of charge about the likely outcome for your case; we take on client’s cases on a no win no fee basis. Michael Lewin can help you if you need accident compensation claim advice; call 0844 499 9302 today to speak to our helpful solicitors.

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