Michael Lewin have professional accident compensation claim advice solicitors in Leeds who can help if you have had an accident in the workplace or in a public place. Mr B came to Michael Lewin after he suffered an accident at work caused by defective equipment..

Mr B was just 24 he was working with a colleague when his accident took place. He was using a tail lift which was defective: this was the cause of the accident which resulted in his injuries. He suffered a fractured foot because of his employers negligence.

Any fractured bone requires the sufferer to undergo a period of rehabilitation whilst the bone is resetting. Scaphoid fractures are the most common type of carpal bone fractures; these fractures usually cause pain and sensitivity to the sufferers. Fractures can take between 6 to 12 weeks of being put in a cast to heal. If blood flow is disrupted by the fracture the bone will not heal. Surgery may be necessary to allow the fracture to heal.

If you seek accident compensation claim advice from professional highly qualified compassionate solicitors then contact us at Michael Lewin in Leeds.

Anyone who is unsure if they are entitled to make a claim for compensation can speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor at Michael Lewin. Anyone can read the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 which is a major piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in the United Kingdom. The full text is available on the UK legislation website and can be downloaded free of charge. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 imposes general duties for health and safety on employers employees and others such as landlords manufacturers suppliers and designers.

We will assess your situation and the validity of your claim. Our solicitors are quite happy to just give advice and discuss your claim with you if you have any queries as to the specifics of your case such as the approximate amount you are likely to receive with your claim. We will be happy to take on your claim on a no win no fee basis there really are no catches. This means that you are guaranteed not to have to pay a single penny in solicitors costs; whatever the result of your claim whether you receive compensation or not if we have agreed to take your case on a no win no fee basis that is exactly what we do.

Whether you have been involved in an accident at work or in a public place if you have been injured as a result you could have a valid case for claiming compensation. Don?t delay in getting your case assessed as there is a time limit in claiming after an accident has occurred. Get in touch with us today we will be only too happy to help: 0844 499 9302.

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