Michael Lewin have many years of experience in dealing with accident compensation claims in Leeds.

Mr T was 55 years of age when he suffered his accident whilst delivering newspapers. He slipped on some wooden steps due to the covering of mould and moss. He sustained a back injury and broken ribs from his unfortunate accident which was due to no fault of his own.

Back injuries can be extremely serious and can affect every day life for example after suffering an accident which resulted in a back injury you may not be able to carry out routine tasks or carry on with a certain hobby as injuries to the back can restrict your movement. Also back injuries often take a long time to recover from depending on the type of back injuries. A few examples of back injuries are:
? Soft tissue injuries ?where tissues and muscles around the back are damaged causing pain stiffness and a restricted movement.
? Wrenching injuries ? This is where the mechanical structure of the back is affected and is sometimes pulled out of line.
? Injuries to the vertebrae and discs – when discs are prolapsed( also known as a slipped disk) the inner softer part of the disc bulges out which pushes on a nerve or the spaces between the vertebrae are impacted.

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace or in a public place we have a team of fully qualified accident compensation claim specialists in Leeds. We can give you advice and guidance in the specifics of your case. We can also tell you how much compensation you are likely to be awarded on behalf of Michael Lewin.

Sore backs and backache accounts for a very high proportion of the days off which employees take. These days off work incur a cost. This cost is borne by the employer and if the employer is responsible for causing the back injury which the client is suffering then the employer may also need to pay compensation to the employee. There may also be secondary costs such as needing to retrain another member of staff to perform the duties which were performed by that individual who has been injured. The employer may also have to pay for any legal fees which he may incur whilst fighting an employee’s claim for compensation. These are all financial costs; we have not taken into consideration here the emotional and physical costs of an accident which was easily preventable.

Whether you have had an accident at work in a public place or even at someone’s home Michael Lewin solicitor’s experts can help you through the process of claiming compensation.

To start your accident compensation claim in Leeds or elsewhere in the UK call us today on 0844 499 9302.

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