Michael Lewin’s accident compensation claim lawyers in London helped poor Mrs W make a case after she tripped in a shop and seriously injured herself at the age of 77.

Mrs W was out shopping when her accident occurred. A fan cord had been left trailing loosely in s shop and posed a serious tripping hazard. Mrs W fell over the loose fan cord and sustained very painful injuries. Thankfully Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to pursue compensation on behalf of Mrs W as the accident was not her fault. Mrs W was awarded £2500.00 in compensation following her accident.

With regard to people who own property such as company directors; they are responsible for:
It shall be the duty of each person who has to any extent control of premises to which this section applies or of the means of access thereto or egress therefrom or of any plant or substance in such premises to take such measures as it is reasonable for a person in his position to take to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that the premises all means of access thereto or egress therefrom available for use by persons using the premises and any plant or substance in the premises or as the case may be provided for use there is or are safe and without risks to health.

Following an accident you should seek advice from Michael Lewin’s expert accident compensation claim lawyers in London. We can advise you about the best course of action to take in pursuing a claim for compensation. Do not delay making your claim otherwise it may become invalid.

There are advantages to making a claim for compensation. If you make a claim following an accident in a public place the place in question may then change its practices in order to prevent a similar accident occurring. You don?t just have to claim compensation for the actual injury you have sustained; if you make a claim for compensation following an injury the public liability insurance of the place in question will pay for any physiotherapy or specialist treatment you require if they are found to be liable for the accident. You can also recover any loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses you may have incurred following an accident in a public place; you don?t just get compensation for loss of earnings if your accident has been at work. For more advice about claiming compensation speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about your case.

If you have been injured due to the neglect of the owners of a public premises you could be able to make a compensation claim. Michael Lewin’s solicitors are dedicated to securing the compensation our clients deserve.

To speak to one of our accident compensation claim lawyers in London today call Michael Lewin Solicitors on: 0844 499 9302. One of our friendly team is waiting for your call.

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