Mrs M used Michael Lewin’s accident compensation services in London after a night out resulted in an unfortunate injury; we were able to secure £2000.00 in compensation for Mrs M.

Mrs M was enjoying a night out until she burned her leg on a spotlight that was positioned underneath a bar. Mrs M was burned by the spotlight and received a very sore injury. As a result of the accident and because it was not Mrs M’s fault Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to take on Mrs M’s case for claiming compensation.

Every occupier of land or buildings has a duty of care to the general public who visit them. It can be a home shop office train bus park or factory.

Public liability is when someone hurts themselves because a third party has neglected this duty. If you can show that the third party which is the person or organization responsible for maintaining the property or outside space has been negligent you can make a public liability claim. You may even be able to claim if you had an accident in a private home if the householder or landlord was responsible for your accident e.g. badly-lit steps or falling roof tile.

If you have suffered an injury and it was not your fault you should consider using Michael Lewin’s accident compensation services in London. Claiming compensation not only helps the accident victim to come to terms with the accident it may also help prevent others from having a similar accident. There are advantages to making a claim for compensation. If you make a claim following an accident in a public place the place in question may then change its practices in order to prevent a similar accident occurring. This may help prevent quite a few injuries.

Compensation is awarded for pain suffering and loss of amenity. Loss of amenity covers things such as not being able to continue a hobby continue a chosen career or carry out domestic tasks. Everybody’s circumstances are different. There is no set amount of compensation for each type of accident in a public place. The amount of compensation you receive following your accident will depend on multiple factors

Special damages can include part of your claim for example lost wages travelling expenses (e.g. for attending medical appointments) prescriptions private medical treatment the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property (including your car) the cost of private care or the equivalent value of care given by family members. This part of your claim can run into £1000s if you have been unable to go to work.

Sometimes accidents happen simply because no one is aware of the fact something is actually a hazard; chances are no one even realised that the light in the bar could burn as it had never happened before. One would now hope that the lights under the bar have now been changed to help protect others.

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