Michael Lewin have dedicated accident compensation staff waiting to take your call if you have been unfortunate enough to be the victim of an injury caused by your workplace; we provide dedicated services to our clients in the Manchester area.

Mrs H from Manchester was 41 when she was injured in the workplace. She had slipped on a wet floor at her workplace. Sadly these types of slips and trips occur all too often; there are often many very simple procedures which need to be put in place for workers to adhere to to avoid the likelihood of an accident occurring to decrease greatly.

Some of these very simple procedures might include:
? tables having a lip around them to prevent liquids spilling from the surface onto the floor
? keeping walkways clear of obstructions
? designing floors or choosing floor surfaces which are non-slippery
? choosing sensible footwear for the role which the employee is supposed to undertake
? dealing with spills immediately and where possible in a liquid free way

In our experience it is amazing that when simple procedures such as the above are followed comprehensively by the entire workforce that the frequency of accidents decreases dramatically.

If you feel that the dedicated accident compensation staff at Michael Lewin can help you to get compensation after your injuries please feel free to call us now to see if we can provide our services free of charge in the Manchester area.

We felt that our client should never have been subjected to the injuries which were in our opinion needlessly inflicted upon her. We felt that the liquid that she fell on should have as matter of course been cleared up immediately. If it is impractical for employers or staff to clear up spillages immediately then temporary signs should be put in place to warn all the other users of that area that there is an increased chance of harm being caused to them.

Slips trips and falls can never be eradicated fully as very occasionally due to human error a slip trip or fall is almost inevitable. Michael Lewin however takes great pride in being able to help any client who feels that the accident which occurred to them was preventable.

In cases where our solicitors can prove that there was blame on behalf of your employer then Michael Lewin can get compensation for any and all of the financial losses which you and your family have had to endure. This compensation in many cases gives our clients the ability to get back into the routine which the family or victim had prior to the accident occurring.

Come to Michael Lewin if you have been injured in an accident at work call: 0844 499 9302 if you would like to use our friendly highly skilled compensation services in Manchester.

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