Mrs F got compensation of over £2200.00 after shesustained an accident in the workplace; our dedicated lawyers were delighted with the financial settlement we were able to secure on her behalf.

MrsB from Newcastle upon Tyne was 44 when her accident at work took place; she was awarded £2250.00 in compensation. Our client had been going about her duties in the workplace when she suddenly tripped and fell over a brake mechanism that had been sticking out in the aisle route.

She suffered severe bruising and she fell to the ground with the force of the accident. You can call expert accident in the workplace lawyers at Michael Lewin to start your compensation claim if you have been injured in an accident which was your employers fault.

Slips trips and falls are common reasons for coming to see our experts here at Michael Lewin; we are very experienced with all manner of slip trip and fall injuries sustained in work. Our dedicated staff could help you get maximum compensation on a no win no fee basis.

Call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302 to start yourcompensation claim for an accident in the workplace; our caring lawyers will work tirelessly to achieve settlement rapidly on your behalf.

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