Michael Lewin deal with accident injuries on a daily basis; we get the maximum compensation we can on your behalf. Mrs P got compensation of £3000.00.

Mrs P from Manchester had been carrying a package as instructed by her employer. The package was leaking and the liquid spilling on to our client turned out to be a chemical which caused her burns.

Our client was 47 when she was hurt in her freak workplace accident. She suffered chemical burns to her skin. The areas which were affected became inflamed and swollen.

A serious chemical burn injury can be very difficult to cope with not just because of what you are not capable of doing during recovery but also because of the suffering you may be experiencing. Pain and suffering is the legal term referring to any physical or emotional stress caused by an injury.

In addition to pain and suffering other hardships resulting from the injury such as an inability to carry out day to day tasks or hobbies may also be taken into account when compensating you here at Michael Lewin.

I have suffered an accident and as a result I have injuries due to the accident; can I get compensation if I go to Michael Lewin? In Mrs P’s case her burns and suffering were caused by her employer’s negligence. Her employer had failed to carry out the necessary duty of care to ensure employees safety.

Michael Lewin’s fees are taken from the other side and you receive the full 100% of the compensation settlement you are awarded. If you have suffered an injury as a result of your employer failing to carry out their duty of care towards you and you have had an accident call us today to discuss the validity of your case and if you are entitled to compensation and the amount of compensation you would be likely to receive.

We have had over a decade in dealing with claims at Michael Lewin giving us the necessary experience to effectively deal with your claims quickly leaving you at ease after your accident. To get your case heard by our friendly dedicated staff call us today and we can give you advice for free about your particular case.

If you have had an accident and as a result have suffered injuries of any type; Michael Lewin can help with financial compensation call: 0844 499 9302 today.

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