If you have had an accident and have suffered injuries as a result of that accident then you can come to compensation claim specialists Michael Lewin in Manchester to see if they can take on your case to get the compensation that you deserve.

Mr I was 45 years of age and was living in Norwich when he was injured in a public space. He was attacked by a dog and he sustained serious injuries as a result of this dog attack.

Attacks by animals are generally very rare; however when they do occur they can range in severity. Fatalities as a result of injuries caused by an animal are thankfully extremely rare but they can happen. Frequently the bite itself can heal well but lasting damage can be done because of the amounts of bacteria and the different varieties of bacteria which animals generally carry. These bacteria can cause the wound to become infected and this infection can delay the rehabilitation time which the victim is expecting. This delay can cause financial difficulties for the victim of any animal attack as the attacked person may be unable to return to work and as such may need to be off on sick pay for longer than they expect.

Our client suffered very deep cuts and extensive bruising as a result of this dog attack. He now feels very wary when he approaches any dog whilst out and about on a daily basis. Mr I has had trouble being able to drop off to sleep since the attack took place.

I have had an accident which has caused me injuries as a result of the accident; I would like compensation for the financial losses that I have suffered as a result of my accident can Michael Lewin take on my claim in Manchester?

If you can answer yes to the following simple questions you may be entitled to compensation on a no win no fee basis:
1. Was the accident in a public place?
2. Was the accident someone else’s fault?
3. Could your accident have been prevented easily?
4. Did the accident cause you injuries or harm?
5. Have these injuries meant that you have suffered financial losses?

If you are not quite sure if your accident does answer yes to the above questions then you may come to our experienced team of solicitors for personal advice about the specifics of your claim.

Michael Lewin can help if you have suffered an accident which has caused you injuries; to get compensation for your claim in Manchester call today on: 0844 499 9302.

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