If you have been involved in an accident which has caused yourself an injury please come to the specialist team of compensation claim lawyers in Manchester at Michael Lewin. Our experienced solicitors will be able to tell you over the phone whether we can take your claim on a no win no fee basis.

Take the case of our client Mrs F from Winsford: she was 66 years old when she was badly injured in a public liability case. She had been out when she tripped over a broken paving slab the trip caused her to fall and she sustained multiple injuries as she fell.

Members of the public are entitled to use public places with the knowledge that owners and directors of these spaces are legally obliged to carry out a risk assessment. As part of this risk assessment and of the ongoing risk assessment which should be undertaken on a regular basis by the business owner any defective or faulty equipment or flooring should be prepared immediately when the defect is spotted.

Failure to carry out regular risk assessments and follow-ups to risk assessment will mean that the directors or the owners of the public space can be liable for any injuries which you have stained whilst using the property as long as you have used the property in the way in which it is intended to be used. The owner will not just be liable for the compensation due to you for any sick days that you have missed they will also be liable to pay any incidental costs which you have sustained due to being injured. These can include things such as parking fees at a hospital petrol to get to and from the hospital and any rehabilitation or occupational therapy costs which you may have to pay.

I have been involved in an accident in a public place which has caused me an injury can I make a compensation claim with specialist lawyers at Michael Lewin in Manchester? Will I need to pay upfront fees to be able to get my claim settled with the help of highly specialist solicitors at Michael Lewin?

Michael Lewin are very proud to be able to provide a no win no fee service to their clients. It is a cast-iron guarantee to our clients that we will never charge them a single penny no matter what the outcome is of the claim. If we initially say that we will take on your claim we are then so confident in getting a positive resolution to your case but in the very rare circumstance of your claim not being awarded compensation we will bear the costs of your claim. This wonderful service ensures that our clients can approach us for help and advice in the sure and certain knowledge that they have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain.

Call Michael Lewin after an accident which has caused you an injury to get compensation claim lawyers in Manchester to work on your case on a no win no fee basis call us today on: 0844 499 9302.

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