Michael Lewin are the expert accident injury compensation claim solicitors in London. We helped 62 years old Mr A claim over £4000.00 in compensation after he was injured trying to avoid a potentially fatal accident.

Mr A was forced to jump off a lorry at the age of 62 to avoid collision with a clamp. This accident caused very painful injuries to Mr A. Mr A’s employers should not have put Mr A in a position where he was forced to make such a decision.

Employers of any size of organisation or company has got to by law arrange for a plan which identifies and tries to ameliorate all identified risks. A health and safety policy must be in place in every workplace taking into account the aforementioned risks. This policy should mention all the provisions which that company makes to protect their employees? health and safety.

This policy should be available for all employees to view and comment on at all times. The provisions which are mentioned in the health and safety policy document should all be able to be seen by employees.

Michael Lewin’s accident injury compensation claim specialist solicitors in London were delighted to be able to secure compensation of £4500.00 on behalf of Mr A. We hope that the compensation he was awarded helps Mr A come to terms with the accident.

Harm is caused by either the action or sometimes the inaction of the employer. Some actions which could be considered harmful to employers could include an employer removing a safety guard for cutting equipment thus increasing the likelihood for an accident to occur. An inaction causing harm could be something as simple as an employer not replacing a mat by the entrance to the building and this causing a slip or trip. Another inaction which frequently occurs is employers not insisting that warning signs are in place when liquids are spilt on the floor.

If as an employee you feel that your employer has failed to either act or they have been negligent by an inaction which could reasonably have been predicted to cause an accident then you can take legal action to get compensation. Michael Lewin can provide detailed legal advice on the circumstances of your case.Every UK employer has a duty of care. This is critical to the health safety and general welfare of all employees. Not all employers are aware of the implications of the duty of care. But it doesn?t matter how small a business happens to be. Where there’s any member of staff there is a duty of care responsibility.

If you have been involved in an accident at work and you were not at fault you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation just as Mr A did. Michael Lewin Solicitors will assess your case for compensation over the phone and offer you the best advice about proceeding with your claim.

To speak to an accident injury compensation claim expert call Michael Lewin Solicitors today on 0844 499 9302. Our friendly team of legal advisors are waiting to help you.

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