Michael Lewin Solicitors helped Mr K who was injured by a broken door handle; Mr K sought legal help after his accident and associated injury as he felt he was entitled to compensation and wanted the best claims advice from top personal injury lawyers in the UK.

Mr K from Aylesbury was 42 years old when contacted Michael Lewin after he was injured by a broken door handle. The accident occurred on public property which meant that the person responsible for the property (not necessarily the owner) was culpable for his injury.

Michael Lewin have accepted many cases like Mr K’s where structural damage wear and tear or defective equipment has caused an injury. In these cases all possible causes of the accident will be investigated if a claim is made. All records will be examined particularly reports of defects or problems. Regular inspections and risk assessments will also be looked at. If a defect has been overlooked due to negligence or has been reported but not fixed then there is a definite case for a personal injury claim.

Any accident claim will require evidence that the third party was at fault and therefore responsible for any injury; this evidence is needed before any compensation claims can be pursued by personal injury lawyers in the UK. The no win no fee arrangement is the one in which you don’t pay anything ever! This is brilliant!

The no win no fee arrangement is also known as the conditional fee arrangement. It means you can make a claim when you could not have afforded to otherwise. Michael Lewin will analyse your case and advise you if your claim genuinely relates to a non-fault accident. The personal injury team will do absolutely everything they can to win your case. There are no hidden catches. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Pain suffering and financial loss are all included in a compensation award. Lost wages travelling costs medical and prescription costs and anything else that you have had to pay for because of your accident can be taken into account when negotiating compensation. This part of your claim can add up quite considerably so remember to include everything you can think of that relates to your accident.

If you have been the victim of an accident that wasn?t your fault and are want to discuss your injury and get the best possible compensation claims advice from specialist lawyers in the UK don?t hesitate to call Michael Lewin Solicitors on : 0844 499 9302.

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