Mr H was awarded compensation after using the specialist accident injury compensation claims solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds.

Mr H was just 23 when his accident happened through no fault of his own. His accident was due to his employer’s negligence.

Mr H had slipped on broken glass which had been left with no warning as to any danger being present and it had not been cleared. He was walking past a machine when he slipped and fell.

Sadly slips are extremely common in the workplace although they are so easily avoidable by following simple procedures. To prevent slips occurring and causing unnecessary injury to employees employers are advised to carry out a risk assessment at least once every year.

Slips and trips can be easily prevented by adhering to a few very simple housekeeping procedures.
o Tables should have a lip around them to prevent liquids from dripping onto the floor
o Walkways should be kept keep clear of obstructions
o Spills should be dealt with immediately and where possible this should be as a liquid free clean-up
o Floors should be designed from a non-slippery surface
o cleaning staff should be prevented from using cleaning products which can increase the slip factor of the floor surface
o Footwear should always be chosen for the role for which the staff member needs to perform

Michael Lewin’s experienced accident injury compensation claims solicitors in Leeds helped Mr H pursue his case. Mr H was awarded compensation for the sprained ligaments he had suffered in his foot as a result of the accident.

If you feel that your employer may not have exercised the correct duty of care towards you then you may be entitled to make a claim if you can say yes to these simple questions:
1. Have you been injured at work?
2. Was this the fault of third party?
3. Have you been injured as result of the accident?
4. Have you suffered any financial losses as a result of the accident?

Accidents like these are usually caused when spillages and obstructions are not attended to (or if this is not possible the correct warning signs should be put in place). This type of accident is very easily preventable however Michael Lewin deal with these sorts of accidents continually. If you have slipped tripped or fallen in work and it wasn?t your fault our dedicated staff can help you to get the compensation for anything which you have either had to pay out for or for financial losses such as sick days which you have incurred.

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