If you have been the unfortunate victim of an accident in work then come to specialist compensation claims solicitors at Michael Lewin in Manchester for help and advice about your particular case.

Our client Mr T from Coventry was 34 years old when his accident at work took place. He was very unlucky to have slipped on some debris which had been left the floor in his workplace.

An accident like the one that Mr T was unlucky enough to have suffered can easily be prevented. Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that their workplaces are safe for the staff who work there. All employers should have available a risk assessment procedure in a written format for all staff to be able to look at as when they wish. This risk assessment should be updated regularly; employers should look on the risk assessment as a two-way process where input from their employee’s forms a vital part of updating the risk assessment.

Frequently walkways at work are used incorrectly. Any pathway or walkway which may have members of staff or the public walking along it carrying items such as teas and coffees or larger items of stock or personal laptops should be kept free at all times of any obstruction. If staff are aware that they are not allowed to use these walkways as dumping grounds or as temporary storage than the number of accidents decreases dramatically. Simple rules and regulations like these need not only to be written down they also need to be policed for their effectiveness.

I have had an accident at work and I feel I may be entitled to compensation for the financial losses which I have incurred; can I approach Michael Lewin in Manchester without having to pay upfront fees?
Employees should also be aware that they can check if the employer has an up-to-date certificate of employer’s liability insurance. This certificate should clearly show the level of cover covered by the policy. This certificate does not waive the employer’s legal requirements to perform a risk assessment or to provide health and safety guidance to the employees however it is a statutory requirement to have this certificate available on request.

Employees can refuse to work with equipment or in a building which is unfit for purpose if they feel that the equipment or building provides an increased risk of injury to themselves. Employees who make the employer aware of any potential problems should be comforted by the fact that employers cannot legally discriminate against employees who choose not to work on the basis of feeling that there is an increased risk of harm to themselves.

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