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Our client Mrs S was 60 years old when she was injured in her workplace. She was injured after a forklift truck which had been reversing knocked into her.

Employers must create safe working environment for their employees to work in this environment is be policed regularly to ensure that these procedures are being adhered to correctly. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that these procedures are followed correctly. The risk assessment should form the backbone of the safe working environment which employers need to ensure that they are providing.

Very easy to follow guidelines generally work best as rules for staff to follow as an example making areas of the workplace sectioned off for pedestrians away from where the machinery is operating is a very easy rule not only to follow but to police. Any machinery which could potentially cause harm to an unwary bystander should always be sectioned off where possible and where this is not possible warning signs prior to entry to this area should be prominently displayed. Employees should always be warned prior if there is an increased likelihood of an accident occurring before they enter any such area.

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Simple preventable accidents such as this are so unfortunate. If risks in the workplace are minimised employers would actually benefit as they would lose fewer working days due to the harm that they have caused their employees. Health and safety risk assessments should be available for all employees to view and comment upon when required. Health and safety is very much a two-way street where employers should welcome the thoughts and concerns of their valued staff. Staff who are performing manual duties every day frequently can come up with suggestions to alleviate any potential risks to their health and safety going forward.

Employers should look on their risk assessment is a useful tool which should act as a starting point conversations between staff and management to ensure that the points from all sides are taken into consideration when thinking of ways to decrease the likelihood of any accident and subsequent injury from occurring.

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