Michael Lewin have accidents at work skilled solicitors who are dedicated to getting your compensation claim paid out in an expedient fashion. We were happy to get £3900.00 for Mrs H.

Mrs H from Lincolnshire was 54 when her workplace accident happened. She had been walking along a pathway in her work when she tripped over a pallet which had just been left on the pathway. We see accidents like this which are easily preventable every day; we always hope that employers will take their responsibilities seriously to keep walkways clear of obstructions. All too often we see the unfortunate results when they are not so diligent.

For every 10000 workers in the nation 31 have injuries due to slips and falls. This type of injury is responsible for 20% of all occupational injuries. Falls kill approximately 12000 people a year with 1500 of them occurring at work. That makes them the biggest cause of accidental after traffic accidents. Falling on stairs is responsible for approximately 33000 people disabled each year. Many more individuals sustain lesser injuries such as strains sprains and fractures.

Michael Lewin have experts who have dealt with hundreds of workplace accident cases; your claim will be settled with professionalism and dignity.

If you have suffered from a fall which has caused any type of injury to yourself which was no fault of your own Michael Lewin’s team of accident at work solicitors will fight to get your compensation claim settled without the drama.

There are a number of common causes of slips trips and falls. A few of the causes are:
Unsafe ladders
Unsafe stairs
Obstruction in walkways or on stairs
Slippery or uneven surfaces
Unsuitable shoes
Poor lighting

Michael Lewin have a team of dedicated accident at work solicitors with extensive knowledge of employers legal duties on hand to take your compensation claim.

If you feel your employer has neglected any of the basic health and safety regulations which has led to your accident in the workplace and your injuries which have required medical assistance then call us at Michael Lewin today and discuss your claim with us. Our solicitors would be happy to discuss the validity of your claim and inform you of the amount of compensation you would gain.

If Michael Lewin can help you after you have sustained an injury at work; call the accidents at work experts in employment law on 0844 499 9302 to start your compensation claim today.

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