When a woman in her twenties from Derby was injured at work because she slipped on a wet floor Michael Lewin Solicitors accepted her case on a no win no fee basis; accidents at work are an area that the personal injury team specialise in and they have successfully resolved many a compensation claim in the UK.

Figures have shown that slips trips and falls at work have risen over the years. In one year alone over 15000 workers were injured due to an accident at work involving a slip trip or fall. Also in one year more than 30000 workers took more than three days off work as a result of slip trip or fall. These claims have cost society millions of pounds.

Miss H from Derby was injured at work when she slipped on a wet floor. Another example is Mr I also from Derby who was hurt when he slipped and fell on a wet floor in the factory where he worked. Employers are duty bound to protect their employees from risk of slips trips and falls. Failure to show that due care and attention has been taken can result in an employer being sued. The worst time of year for accidents like Miss H’s is the colder months when rain ice and snow increase the risk of wet floors. However leaks and spillages can happen at any time of the year therefore strict health and safety procedures must be adhered to at all times.

Michael Lewin’s team of personal injury experts are especially qualified to deal with accidents at work and they were able to accept Miss H’s case as a genuine case of third party liability and assist her in making a compensation claim in the UK for her injuries.

All organisations regardless of size have to have a plan which identifies and improves all hazards in the workplace. All employers must have a health and safety policy available. The policy should display risks and all the procedures in place that are there to protect their employees from hazards and potential accidents. All employees should have access to this information.

This duty of care is vital to the general welfare of all employees in the UK. It does not matter how big or small a business is even if there are only two staff there is still a duty of care responsibility.

An employer usually has a nominated person who deals with health and safety matters someone who is legally competent and understands the law regarding health and safety.

Michael Lewin’s clients receive all of their compensation and they don?t have to pay any legal fees if they are not at fault for the accident. The legal fees are paid by the third party.

If you should need expert legal advice regarding accidents at work if you have suffered a slip trip or fall at work and want to discuss a compensation claim with personal injury lawyers in the UK call Michael Lewin Solicitors where you will be guaranteed a professional and sympathetic service from the team : 0844 499 9302.

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