Accidents at work happen all the time; Michael Lewin are expert compensation solicitors from Leeds we can help you pursue a claim of nearly any kind as long as you were not at fault for the accident.

Mr S slipped at work as a result of his employer failing to have the appropriate health and safety procedures in place to eliminate slipping hazards. Statistics show that slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries to employees in the workplace. Quite often they are the initiators of accidents attributed to other causes such as accidents involving machinery scalding accidents and accidents involving falling from height.

Mr S slipped on some hydraulic fuel that that been left on the floor of his workplace as a result of this he suffered bruising and soft tissue injuries. Michael Lewin Solicitors were able to secure compensation on behalf of Mr S and we were very pleased with the result we managed to attain.

If you think you are entitled to accidents at work compensation you should speak to one of the specialist solicitors at Michael Lewin in Leeds.

Slips and trips as mentioned earlier do not just always result in someone landing on the floor and suffering from a minor bump. If someone is walking with a vat of hot water and they slip there is the potential for a very serious burns injury to be sustained which could possibly result in scarring. If a builder was working at height with no safety harness and a colleague had left a bucket in his path and he tripped it would just be a bump if he was to fall five storeys to the ground.

This kind of accident from a slip trip or fall is the reason it is so vital that employers take health and safety seriously. In the case of the builder if he was working at height he should be provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment in order to stop him from falling off the scaffolding even if he does have a trip.

Personal protective equipment is anything that an employee needs in order to be able to carry out their job safety and with as little risk to themselves as possible. This could be latex gloves for nurses or heatproof gloves for steel workers to conducting gloves for electricians to flame retardant ones for firemen; there is a multitude of equipment designed to protect employees from harm it is up to the employers to provide the appropriate PPE.

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