When Mr P from Great Sutton sustained a back injury at work as a result of heavy lifting he spoke to Michael Lewin Solicitors who have an exceptional knowledge of claims involving accidents at work; personal injury can be a confusing and complicated area of the law but the team at Michael Lewin have dealt with a very broad range of cases and have successfully negotiated compensation for many clients in the UK.

It is not uncommon for injuries to occur as a result of manual handing especially if there are pre-existing injuries or a lack of training. Injuries at work can have a dramatic impact on the employee both inside and outside of work. It can stop them enjoying hobbies and in many cases it can seriously disrupt sleep.

It is absolutely vital that employers manage the risks to their employees. Manual handling is a key area for risk. It makes complete business sense from an employers point of view to ensure that all manual handling regulations are systematically followed. If an employee is pushing pulling carrying supporting or moving any object using their own body strength this is classed as manual handling.

An employer should assess the dangers and reduce the risk of injury relating to any operation their employees are required to carry out which involves manual handling. If an employer fails to follow the correct procedures and is found guilty of negligence they can be liable for any injuries sustained by their employees. Michael Lewin accepted a case from 28 year old Mr P who injured his back whilst emptying the rubbish bin at work.

Michael Lewin assessed Mr P’s case and accepted his claim on a no win no fee basis; the experienced solicitors will assess all accidents at work for evidence of negligence and advise their clients if they are entitled to claim compensation in the UK. All employers? duty of care to their employees means that they have to provide amongst other things a safe system of work. This means that manual handling training must be carried out by law.

Section 16 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 permits Approved Codes of Practice which explains different practises acceptable for different working environments. The Approved Codes of Practice can be used as an indication for the courts as to whether the actions of the employer were safe. An employer can only escape liability if they can prove that they have exercised reasonable care.

Michael Lewin have the experience and knowledge to look at each case to determine if an employer has indeed shown reasonable care to his employee. If an employer has been negligent in his case it could prove to be an extremely costly error.

If you require advice regarding accidents at work and want to discuss a compensation claim with specialist personal injury lawyers call Michael Lewin Solicitors in the UK for professional and sympathetic advice: : 0844 499 9302.

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