Acid Attack Kills 15 Year-Old Girl

Acid Attack Kills 15 Year-Old Girl

Watching people as they pass you by would be described by some as unavoidable – that no matter how hard we try our eyes automatically scan over people as they go past. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well this is a crime a family dishonour to some worthy of death as seen with a 15 year-old Pakistani girl Anvu Sha.

When a boy on a motorbike drove past her one day she looked at him twice. Now we all know how much commotion and noise motorbikes make and how they often receive much attention. However to her father this was an offence worthy of punishment a demonic excuse for violence and abuse.

He consequently dragged his daughter inside where he beat her and later poured acid on her with the help of his wife her mother. The girl was only taken to hospital the following day with 60 percent of her body burnt where she later died.

Her father claimed that his eldest daughter had already disgraced the family and that he was not going to let it happen again. The young girl’s mother was equally as vocal about her hand in the killing stating that it was her daughter’s “destiny to die this way.”

The so-called honour-killing was brought to police attention by the eldest daughter. In March this year acid attacks were made a criminal offence with life imprisonment.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported 934 women died in honour-killings last year alone. An increase by 100 since 2012. However exact numbers can never be certain as many attacks are concealed by communities and families who believe honour-killings are a way of life and culture.

The attack happened in the southern district of Kotli and although police say this kind of attack is rare in Kashmir more people are finding the voice to come forward to seek justice for the crime.

Melissa from MLS says: “Acid attacks have become rife in the media over recent years particularly after the award-winning documentary Saving Face. This type of unfounded violence directed at innocent women needs to be stopped. It is great that laws have been passed to make acid attacks a criminal offence but now the people of Pakistan need to be re-educated so that they understand why this is a criminal offence rather than committing the crime and then trying to grasp why they are being punished. This way the roots can be targeted because as in the case of Anvu Sha many people believe what they are doing is justified.”

If you or anyone you know have suffered the effects of criminal violence contacts us now for a claim!

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