Case Study: Advice On Constructive Dismissal

Advice On Constructive Dismissal Do you need advice on pursuing a compensation claim with regards to constructive dismissal from your employment? If you felt that you are left with no other option but to resign from your employment due to the conduct of your employer and you are now seeking expert legal advice from highly qualified and experienced professionals you need to make a no obligation call to the dedicated employment law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors to discuss your case and find out how we could help you achieve the best possible outcome of the claim that you make.

Constructive dismissal occurs if an employee feels that they must hand in their resignation from his/her job due to a serious fundamental breach in their employment contract by their employer. This could be a failure in their employer’s duty of care such as their employer allowing other workers to harass or bully the employee. It could also be a breach such as failing to pay the employee due wages and bonus.

If you are considering taking constructive dismissal or have already done so it is strongly advised that you submit a written grievance to your employer before taking legal action against them. If you do not do this and your claim is successful in an employment tribunal your payment award could be reduced by as much as 25% for this breach in the ACAS code of practice.

Are you seeking expert legal advice on bringing a claim against your employer following your constructive dismissal due to breaches made in your employment contract by your employer? If you have taking constructive dismissal from your job due to serious breach in your employment contract by your employer and now need to speak with legal experts regarding your options to pursue recompense for your loss of earnings you need to consult the highly skilled legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors as we could offer you the accurate advice clear step-by-step guidance and outstanding representation that you need to help you secure the full compensation you justly deserve.

Mr R from Bradford recently contacted us about his case which has caused him to suffer serious work-related stress. He was working as an admin assistant and told us how he was assaulted by his female line manager. He told us of the failure to adequately discipline the manager and the failure by his employers to support him following the incident resulting in him suffering psychological injuries. After carefully considering all aspects of Mr R’s case the legal professionals at Michael Lewin Solicitors have taken on this case to act on his behalf to help Mr R in his pursuit of recompense.

For expert advice on bringing a constructive dismissal compensation claim against your employer to an employment tribunal make a call to the experienced and extremely understanding employment law team at Michael Lewin Solicitors today as we could help you achieve the optimum results available to you from the claim that you make with the minimal fuss for you on: (0844) 844 9866.

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