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Age Discrimination Solicitors Bristol Would you be interested in speaking to age discrimination solicitors in Bristol and would like to contact Michael Lewin Solicitors to get the advice that you have been looking for? Have you been suffering from some kind of discrimination at work and are now seeking the advice of professionals to assist in making sure that you understand the relevant terms of employment law that apply to your situation? Are you trying to resolve the situation that has developed and would like to get the advice of an expert to have this done as quickly as possible?

We were contacted by a client called Mr Z who had been working for an engineering company for 4 years when a set of circumstances developed to a point where he decided that he would like to speak to our firm to resolve his situation. Earlier on in the year Mr Z had received a letter from this engineering company that advised that he had been suspended from work. The suspension occurred due to allegations of him using offensive language within the workplace.
Following the letter that he had received there was a meeting that he was asked to attend to and during the meeting there were questions asked. After the meeting he was given the minutes which documented what had happened and his employers asked him to check if there was anything that needed to be changed and that he had one week to do this and to send it back. Mr Z believes that the allegations are untrue and wanted to find out whether he had a case.
Have you been trying to find the right age discrimination solicitors in Bristol to represent you and would like to speak to Michael Lewin Solicitors about your situation? Do you believe that you have been unfairly treated at work and are trying to seek the advice of an expert in this area to help you make a decision about what you should do next? Have you been suffering from discrimination or some kind of ill-treatment at work which was not dealt with in the correct manner?
Michael Lewin Solicitors may be able to help in a case for discrimination or constructive dismissal. Constructive dismissal is a set of circumstances in which an individual feels they can no longer work where they are employed due to the treatment from their employer or fellow colleagues being intolerable.
This kind of ill-treatment may not be just one isolated event but could be a chain of events that over time can be classed as a strategic plan to make an employee feel as though they can no longer work for their employer. If it can be proven that these kinds of incidents have been taking place it is possible that compensation could be viable for the victim of these events.
If you would like to speak to age discrimination solicitors in Bristol and would like to contact with Michael Lewin Solicitors with regards to your case you can contact our professional team by calling 0844 844 9866.

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