Mrs Utton gets compensation when she was the victim of age discriminationat work after Michael Lewin gave her advice about her claim.

Mrs Utton had worked as a travel reservations clerk; she had been in her role for 16 and a half years.

A new partner was appointed within the company. He initially told Mrs Utton that he felt she was too old to be doing her job. He felt that a large amount of data had to be inputted into the computer and he felt she would not be up to the job.

Mrs Utton began to find that she was so stressed before going to work that she was unable to cope with her duties competently.

I have been the victim of age discrimination at work; can I get advice about how to make a claim using employment solicitors?
Our client has had to take some anti-depressants and she needed a few weeks to recover sufficiently to pursue her claim. Michael Lewin never charges up-front-fees to make employment claims. We take our fees from the other side you get 100% of the compensation that you are awarded.

If you have been the victim of age discriminationat work and would like to make a compensation claim or would like advice call Michael Lewin on 0844 499 9302.

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