Miss Treharnehas involvedMichael Lewins expert age discriminationlawyers to give her advice about how to get compensation from her employer.

Our client was anAccounts Payable Manager.Her employer took over another company and our client found that her workload increased dramatically. She was constantly in trouble for not managing to balance her workload.

Our client approached her employers to ask for part-time help. This request was denied without any reason. Our client felt that her employer wanted rid of her due to her age. Eventually Miss Treharne was dismissed due to underperformance. Our client was amazed to find that both a part-time and full time role were advertised in the local press just 2 weeks after she had been sacked.

We wrote to the employer advising them of our Miss Treharne’s legal position and our intention to issue proceedings in the Employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal due to age discrimination.

I am the victim of age discrimination; can I get advice about making a claim from Michael Lewin?
We managed to secure a significant settlement for Miss Treharnewithout the need to pursue the claim at an employment tribunal. Initially she had been scared about paying for a solicitor to make the claim. Michael Lewin never charge up-front-fees we get our fees from the other side. If you are entitled to get workcompensation due to age discrimination call;0844 499 9302 to speak to Michael Lewinfor advice about how to settle your claim.

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