Mr Drewittgets compensation after he suffered age discrimination at work; Michael Lewin gave him advice about making a claim.

Mr Drewittworked as an academic counsellor at a large university; he had worked there having been head-hunted to fill the role 3 years prior.

He had been given 2 glowing end of year appraisals from his employer but when a new faculty manager was appointed he found that he was treated very poorly due to his age.

The new manager was the youngest faculty manager that our client had ever worked with and he made no secret of the fact that he felt that Mr Drewitt was too old to be in the position that he held. He would forget to invite our client to meetings and use other small petty acts to undermine Mr Dewitt’s position.

I would like to take my age discrimination claim to an employment tribunal; I would like to get advice about how to get compensation. Mr Drewitt has been surprised that the claims process has been so easy.He has secured compensation without the hassle of having to take his employer to an employment tribunal in court.

He has been delighted with how quickly his claim has been settled and with the amount of compensation he has received. Michael Lewin are experts in dealing with age discrimination we give advice onmaking a claim call us today on:0844 499 9302.

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