Mr Whetlandis compensated after he was the victim of age discrimination; Michael Lewin employment law specialists initially gave advice and then fought to win his claim.

Mr Whetland had been a policeman for over 17 years. He was a senior member of the team. To advance his career he was required to have a degree. The degree took 6 years of study on a part-time basis. This would have made our client 1 year off retirement age by the time he finished his degree.

He was told by his boss that due to his age the force would not pay for him to study unlike his younger counterparts. He was informed that as his employers could not benefit from his degree his college fees would not be paid. Our client felt that this was age discrimination and he came to Michael Lewin for advice.

I have been the victim of age discrimination; I would like advice about how to make a claim using employment solicitors. Michael Lewinhad to go to court to win this case. Mr Whetland has been delighted with the compensation that he has received.

If Michael Lewin can help after you have been the victim of age discrimination; call our team of employment solicitors now on:0844 499 9302for advice about making a claim.

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