Miss Tierny pursued her employers due to age discrimination after using Michael Lewin for advice about getting compensation.

Miss Tierny had worked as a communications technician for over 20 years for her employer. In that time she had learnt many new systems and she had kept abreast of new developments to enable her to keep her position in the company.

Miss Tierny applied for an internal promotion to communications manager but the position was awarded to an external candidate. She asked for the reason that she had not been picked for promotion but she received no answer from her employer as to why she was unsuccessful.

From the moment the new manager started he appeared to have the backing of management in undermining Miss Tierny in her position. He would frequently gloss over her comments with a sweeping statement to the effect that she would retire soon so the rest of the staff would be better served to ignore her advice or comment.

Because he was seemingly encouraged by management to ignore what she said because of her age the rest of the team started to follow suit. Our client felt forced to resign because she was being disrespected due to her age.

I am the victim of age discrimination; can I use Michael Lewin for advice about compensation?
Initially Miss Tierny had been scared about paying for a solicitor to make the claim. Michael Lewin never charge up-front-fees we get our fees from the other side. If you have been the victim of age discrimination or to find out more about the employment tribunal procedure call Michael Lewin on;0844 499 9302 to get advice about getting the compensation you are entitled to.

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