Mrs Urwin was awarded compensation after she gets age discrimination at work advice in the UK.

Michael Lewin were used after Mrs Urwin found us on the internet to help her with her discrimination at work claim.

Mrs Urwin had worked as a secretary for the same company for several years. She was pleased to see a notice to allow all the staff to apply for further training on the computer package which was used in work. She applied to go on the course however when the dates of attending the course were given to everyone else who applied no dates were given to our client. She went in to ask if she could be included in the training course. Her boss told her there must have been an oversight and that he would check into it.

She was later copied in by mistake to an email between her boss and his manager discussing how best to tell her that they felt it was not in the interests of the company to train her as she was too old to bother training. Our client is distraught at being treated so badly. She feels she deserves compensation for her treatment.

I have been the victim of age discrimination; I would like advice from employment solicitors to take on my case in the UK. We have been able to broker compensation pay out for our client because of the way in which she was treated. Mrs Urwin is delighted to have won her employment claim.

If Michael Lewin can help if you have been the victim of age discrimination call 0844 499 9302 today for advice from a specialist employment solicitorin the UK.

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