Mr Wallengergetscompensation after he was the victim of age discrimination; Michael Lewin employment law specialists fought to win his claim.

Mr Wallenger had been a photographer for a newspaper for many years. The newspaper had been making changes to the way that it ran its staff.

Most of the staff had been offered re-training courses; our client had not been invited. When he asked his boss he was told that it would not be financially viable to send him on a course as he retired in less than 3 years.

Mr Wallenger did not wish to retire in 3 years and he asked to go on the course. He was not allowed to go. Our client felt that the bond of trust between himself and his employer had been broken. He resigned. I have been the victim of age discrimination; I would like to make a claim using employment solicitors.

Michael Lewin won an out of court settlement on behalf of our client reached on the day before court proceedings began. If Michael Lewin can help after you have been the victim of age discrimination; call our team of employment solicitors now to make a claim on 0844 499 9302.

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