Age discriminationgets Mrs Revellecompensation;employment lawyers Michael Lewin takeher case on a no win no fee basisin the UK.

Mrs Revelle had been a Compression Moulding Machine Operator for the same company for nearly 19 years.

The company were attempting to increase their profit margin and her supervisor would constantly criticise the length of time that it took our client to achieve set routines.

She was given written warnings to decrease the time that it took her to perform some of her tasks. Because of arthritis due to her age she was incapable of going more quickly. Mrs Revelle quickly found herself on her final warning. She called Michael Lewin at this point for help with what to do next.

I have been subjected to age discrimination; can I get employment lawyers Michael Lewin to help me to get the compensation I deserve in the UK?
Michael Lewin helped Mrs Revelle to write a resignation letter detailing the treatment resulting in her resignation and we were able to win her compensation for her treatment. If Michael Lewin can help if you have been the victim of age discrimination call 0844 499 9302 today to get compensation with the help of our knowledgeable lawyers in the UK.

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