Mr Newbury sought advice from Micheal Lewin about an age discrimination no win no fee claim and got the support he required.

Mr Newbury is 56 years old has worked in a domestic cleaning factory for the past 26 years where they create washing powders bleach based cleaning products and other cleaning materials. As the years have progressed the company has installed increasingly modern ways of developing the fluids mostly around complex computer dependant machines.

As a result the company has employed younger staff rather than training the existing staff on the systems that are in place. As time has gone one Mr Newbury has been taken off various duties until now he himself is left doing most cleaning duties.

As a long standing member of staff he feels discriminated because of his age and has no job satisfaction as his employers have not taken the time to teach him new roles as the business expands.

?I know I made the right choice when I contacted Michael Lewin about my age discrimination no win no fee claim as they helped me get the result I felt I deserved?.

Mr Newbury has since taken early retirement and received a full compensation for his neglect of training and development. If you think you have an age discrimination no win no fee claim and want some advice call Michael Lewin’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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