Mrs Dowling contacted Michael Lewin about her age discrimination no win no fee case in the UK and got the support that she needed.

Mrs Dowling 51 worked full time in store for a national chain of popular clothes shops for young people. She had been made redundant from her last job and had sought alternative work immediately in response to an advert in the paper. She had been working in the shop for 2 years and over the time there were different shop managers and high staff turnover as most of the staff were students or other young people.

Mrs Dowling had tried her best to fit into the environment but more importantly had maintained full time work and protected herself from going into any further debt from her loans and credit cards. But working in the shop was an unpleasant experience with many of the staff being cruel and mocking as to her age.

The management failed to discipline the staff and on occasions were often found to be involved in the mocking. Mrs Dowling felt let down by the organisation after writing to Head Office and being told that all personnel issues are dealt with at store level. She contacted Michael Lewin to help her situation.

Have you experienced age discrimination and have a case for no win no fee in the UK?
Mrs Dowling has had to seek alternative work but received her full compensation from Michael Lewin to help whilst she was searching for jobs. If you have any questions about an age discrimination no win no fee case in the UK call Michael Lewin’s Team now on: 0844 499 9302.

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