Pair Active In Andrew Dolan’s Death Roam Free Because Of Legal Sense?

Pair Active In Andrew Dolan’s Death Roam Free Because Of Legal Sense?

Random violence is swarming our society with many drunken nights out ending in hospital trips and even death as seen in the case of Andrew Dolan.

He was randomly accosted late one night by Jessica Hughes (21) along with Patrick Daly (24) and Patrick Farrell (22). Although Hughes and Daly didn’t land the final hit that knocked Dolan onto the ground sustaining head injuries that later killed him they were still active in his injuries and assault.

He had reportedly been minding his own business on the night and begged his attackers not to hit him but as it fell on deaf ears he was taken to hospital and died nine days later.

Farrell has been given 3 and a half years in jail for pleading guilty to manslaughter however Hughes who was the person who initiated the violence in the first place and Daly have both escaped sentencing. Instead they have been given a collective 400 hours of community service – 260 for Daly rather than 2 years in prison and 160 for Hughes rather than 5 months in prison.

As the pair had no previous convictions and expressed remorse their actions were classed as ‘out of character’. However should this matter? They contributed to someone’s death and their repayment amounts to nothing more than community service because in a legal sense they are not guilty because they did not commit the final blow?The judge stated that in a general human sense the pair did contribute towards Dolan’s death however in a narrow legal sense they did not which is why they do not face jail-time.

His parents have begged for an end to random violence and his father stated: “How many more innocent young people must die or suffer life changing injuries and how many more families must be ruined before someone cries stop? In God’s name can someone call a halt to this senseless carnage?”

The family feel the legal process has not only failed Andrew and themselves but also “everyone who walks the streets at night”.

Criminal injury claims can be made against attackers even if they have not been jailed. In this circumstance we can only hope that the family take further action to receive more compensation than they have been given! Contact us now for a criminal injury claim.

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