Mrs C from Colchester suffered a nasty public liability accident; she has made an ankle injury compensation case with the help of Michael Lewin’s expert team of public liability solicitors who have years of experience in making an at work or in a public place claim on her behalf.

Our client in Colchester was a lady of 59 years of age. At the end of October paramedics had been called and she very unfortunately suffered a fall as they were carrying her. She hurt her leg and ankle very badly; she was also shaken up. Due to her age even a comparatively small fall can take a lot longer to recover fully from.

She decided to claim for compensation using Michael Lewin to help her with her public liability claim. Every occupier of land or buildings has a duty of care to the general public who visit them. It can be a home shop office train bus park or factory.

Public liability is when someone hurts themselves because a third party has neglected this duty. Don?t be apprehensive about making a claim following an accident in a public place. Owners of premises and properties that are regularly visited by the public are required under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 to take reasonable care to ensure their premises are safe.

If you have suffered from a fall causing an ankle injury at work or in a public place and you would like help with making a claim for compensation come to our experts at Michael Lewin.

Michael Lewin have a team of experienced accident at work solicitors on hand to take your compensation claim. Michael Lewin have over 10 years of experience in injury claims and are sometimes depending on the claim able to offer a no win no fee service. The no win no fee arrangement is the one in which you don’t pay anything ever! This is great news!

The no win no fee arrangement (or the conditional fee arrangement) means you can make a claim when you could have otherwise not have afforded to.

Michael Lewin will analyse your case and advise you if your claim relates to a clear non-fault accident. The personal injury team will do absolutely everything they can to win your case. There are definitely no catches. It really is as straightforward as it sounds.

If Michael Lewin can help you after you have sustained an ankle injury at work or in a public place call the experts in employment law on 0844 499 9302 to start your compensation claim today.

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