Anxiety is real

This morning we were touched by the video that 27 year old Casey Throwaway uploaded onto YouTube showing him experiencing a panic attack (you’ll find the video at the end of this article); Mr Throwaway wants people to believe that anxiety is real and not a lack of willpower.

According to NHS Choices, anxiety in the UK affects approximately one in 20 adults, so as you look around your office today, it’s likely that one (or more) of your work colleagues could suffer from this mental health problem.

People that suffer with anxiety disorders can have a hard time dealing with certain situations in the workplace, which itself can lead to further anxiety attacks.

But fortunately, with the excellent treatment and support they can get, anxiety suffers can make enormous contributions to the workplace and the wider community.

Richard Coulthard, Head of the Stress at Work team at Michael Lewin Solicitors, supports the work of mental health professionals in the UK, but believes more can be done “Employers, health professionals, unions and the wider community need to do more to work together so that we can help individuals overcome the challenges of anxiety disorders and lead full, fruitful lives.”

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