Art Attack! Formaldehyde leaked from Damien Hirst Artwork

During a show at London’s Tate Modern gallery, tanks of formaldehyde containing works by the iconic British artist, Damien Hirst, have been found to have been leaking formaldehyde gas.

The carcinogenic gas was detected by scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry when they were testing a new sensor for the remote detection of such gases. It was found that the level of fumes around the works, including Away From The Flock and the Turner prize-winning Mother And Child Divided, were, in places; above the level permitted by regulations, being up to 5 parts per million in the air around some of the works.

Although exposure to the gas is unlikely to have been harmful to visitors to the Tate, given their short length of exposure; it could potentially have posed a danger to employees working in the vicinity of the display and exposed to the fumes for longer periods.

Employers have a legal duty not only to handle dangerous chemicals and substances, such as carcinogenics like formaldehyde, in a specific manner; but also to protect employees from exposure to these substances and gases.

Injuries caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals and fumes can be extremely serious and cause permanent or life threatening injuries. Michael Lewin solicitors can help you bring a claim for compensation for any injuries suffered from exposure to dangerous chemicals at work.

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