August is Road Victim Month

August again marks the remembrance month for those who have been unfortunate enough to be killed or injured on our roads in the UK. National Road Victims Month was first established and promoted in 1998 by RoadPeace.

This period of remembrance was started to remember the road crash victims, of which there are far too many, and is just one initiative that RoadPeace has setup to help promote road safety.

As a firm that deals with the legal implications of ‘road traffic accidents’, we also experience first-hand the distress and pain such accidents cause to not just the victim of road accidents, but also their families. The grief caused by a crash is intensified as it is a sudden loss which you cannot prepare for, the families will need care and support at such a difficult time which is not usually readily available to them.

‘Road Traffic Accidents’ extend far beyond whiplash claims and if a life has been lost in one, the emotional and financial burden often falls on their loved ones; it may be a wife that has lost her husband and is having to face the difficulties of grieving while meeting the financial commitments of the household.

National Road Victims Month is not just a time to remember the fatalities, but also to offer support to those who are facing a lifetime of suffering as a result of their accident. Some victims will suffer permanent disabilities and require 24 hour care for the rest of their lives. It is often a family member that takes on this responsibility, and in turn suffers a financial loss.

We will be using the month of August to reflect on those victims affected by vehicle crashes.

“Public remembrance is not for the benefit of victims to remember what happened to them. Victims remember well what happened to them. Public reflection is the act of recognition. It states to the victims and their families that their humanity is valued, that their loss is our loss and that their suffering is shared.” Holocaust memorial day booklet, 2007

Michael Lewin Solicitors support all that the organisation promotes and endorse the idea of providing support and justice for those that have been affected by such incidents.

We urge all road user to read our recent post about being safe on the road, and also urge everyone to support RoadPeace and ‘Road Victim Month’.

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