Mrs H was injured in a work accident at the age of 55; Michael Lewin made a case for a back injury at work claim on behalf of Mrs H and our experts in Leeds were able to successfully settle her case.

Mrs H was using a dolly at work to move goods. A dolly is a wheeled product either made of metal and plastic which is usually a safe way for employees to push heavy or oversized loads around the workplace without risking injury to themselves. Most workplace dollys have four small wheels and are either circular or rectangular in shape. This eliminates a lot of the risks involved in manual handling in the workplace and its presence is designed to be a help to staff and not a hindrance.

Unfortunately for Mrs H the dolly that she was using was defective and it had become unstable. This meant the dolly had turned from a useful piece of safety equipment into a dangerous hazard. As the dolly was unstable Mrs H had to use her own strength to manoeuvre the items she had loaded onto it; this defeats the object or its purpose.

Mrs H sustained a painful back injury as a result of the defective dolly; Michael Lewin Solicitors made a work accident claim on behalf of Mrs H and our Leeds experts pursued compensation for the damage to her back.

If an employer provides an employee with faulty or defective equipment in the workplace they are then liable for any injuries that an employee sustains as a result. Hazards are everywhere in the workplace and it is only by taking health and safety seriously and eliminating these hazards that the risk of accidents is reduced.

If an employer has a designated health and safety executive or even takes on the role themself who is in charge of checking for hazards and making sure that all the equipment in the workplace is in the correct working order the chances of an accident occurring are much less.

Employees are also responsible for their own health and safety in the workplace too. If you feel that your employer is not providing you with the correct training or equipment you need to speak up before you injure yourself. Health and safety laws are in place to protect employees from harm and employers are committing an offence if they fail to provide you with the correct equipment.

If you have suffered a back injury at work and you want to start making your claim today call Michael Lewin Solicitors on 0844 499 9302.

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